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5 Important Tips For Maintaining Your Chandeliers To Shine For Longer Time


Chandeliers require regular cleaning and maintenance services just like your motorcycle. A clean and dazzling chandelier reflects the cleanliness and beauty of your home to your guests. Your chandeliers show flickering defects due to grime on it. The beauty of home décor may get spoiled.

Regular crystal chandelier maintenance increases the life of the chandelier. It also influences the visitor with artistic, aesthetic, and elegant displays of your home. Sofary in Seattle, U.S.A., has premium and modern crystal chandeliers from reputed manufacturers across the globe. They sell affordable chandeliers online of all types for your rooms. They offer free shipping, a refund scheme, and 24*7 online customer service.

Here are some tips to keep your chandeliers looking shiny –

1. Know the proper handling way for your chandelier

Chandeliers are available in various shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. In case you have a customized antique crystal chandelier, you will need to take more precautions. You can check and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for handling and maintaining tips that come inside the package.

2. Dismantle to clean thoroughly

As a safety precaution, you can clean a chandelier with just a dry cloth. But it is not an effective way of cleaning as most of the dust and cobwebs remain stuck in the corners of the frames and crystal. For proper cleaning of your chandelier, you need to –

  1. Switch off the chandelier.
  2. Place a plastic sheet underneath the chandelier to save your floor from being spoiled.
  3. Bring the chandelier down using a ladder and remove crystals off the frame.
  4. Then, wrap plastic sandwich bags over each of the electrical components to secure them from cleaning solutions.
  5. Spray the glass cleaning solution over the crystals and let them soak for a minute.
  6. Again, spray more solution and gently rub the crystals with a soft cloth to clean the grime.
  7. Now, wipe the crystals with a dry cloth to remove any moisture and remove sandwich bags.
  8. Once the crystals are dried up, reassemble the entire fixture back to its original before turning its power on.

3. Weekly dusting

In case of daily or weekly dusting, it can be easy for you to carry out a thorough cleaning session. It prevents the accumulation of dust, moisture, and other airborne to create grime. The chandeliers’ life is also increased to shine for a longer period.

4. Hire a professional cleaning company

When you have an expensive antique chandelier, you may hesitate to dismantle and clean it by yourself. Also, you may feel discomfort and difficult to do this task alone. In such cases, you may consider hiring a professional cleaning company who is expertise in cleaning your chandeliers. The professional cleaners will clean thoroughly, fix any fault in the fixture and reassemble your chandelier safely.

5. Regular maintenance

Cleaning is only a way of maintaining the original shine and illuminating power of your chandelier. You may read online blogs, articles or watch vlogs to learn how to maintain chandeliers. Regular maintenance and cleaning will save you time and money.