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Avoiding Speech Anxiety


Speech anxiety, the fear of speaking up or addressing people in a group, is a problem that many people battle. Even the most renowned public speakers in the world will agree that they could not withstand the audience tension at some point at the beginning of their career. It is common and ordinary, but how someone beats speech, anxiety is an essential tool.

This article proposes a few tips, techniques, and practices that will make someone find it easy and exciting to interact with the audience. Below are some of the few ways to succeed in this.

Accept that being nervous is not a bad thing.

Who is never nervous in this world? Everybody is, and it is what compels people to do better. Some of the world’s best public speakers like former president Barack Obama once said how his nervousness made him influential in speech delivery. This nervousness produces adrenaline, which helps people think faster, speak more fluently, and add the needed enthusiasm to convey the message.

Do not try to be perfect.

Perfection is overrated, and someone who is just getting into the world of public speaking never has to worry over it. History has it that some of the world’s best public speakers began at a terrible note. Going to the stage, just the way they are, and doing what they can do best earned them love, adoration, and positive energy in the end. Human beings generally love people who are loyal to their own identity, and they appreciate it.

Know The subject matter.

While some people can deliver top-notch speeches without having prior knowledge of what they should talk about, the chances are that they are knowledgeable in a complete spec of subjects in one way or the other. Anyone who wants to avoid speech anxiety should know before the speech delivery what he or she is going to say.

Engage the Audience

Audience involvement is critical. Asking the audience questions or having them participate in an activity to hold their attention will help. While at it, maintaining eye contact will make the most significant difference. It can be so awkward that someone engages the audience while not making eye contact. When someone is nervous, picking at just one face to stare at will be of great value, especially when a friend, lover, or family member is around.


Breathe and take it easy; it is only another regular group of people to talk to. Breathing from the stomach muscles, not the chest calms the nervous system. Take a few deep breaths before and even during the presentation. Everyone breathes to avoid speech anxiety even right on stage, and in most cases, the audience will clap when they see a presenter taking some deep breaths; it is expected.

Visualize success.

One good thing about speech delivery is that the audience will always be there to offer support, and often, they only want the best for the presenter. When someone goes to the stage with a mindset of success, a belief that they will do it, and the faith that at the end of it all, the performance will be one hell of a masterpiece presentation, then things get easy. Life happens, and when someone least expects anything good to go in their favor, it always comes.