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Casino Games: Life of a Dealer (Croupier)


During casino judi, it is not unusual to find someone at the edge of the game arena or table assisting in certain aspects of the game to ensure the functionality of the game. This person is known as the dealer or the croupier.

The dealer or the croupier is an individual that basically coordinates casino games. This person is responsible for the placing of bets, performing of game actions and payouts of winnings.

A dealer or croupier has to be trained before the person is allowed to take over gambling tables or games. A beginner dealer is never placed to manage complex games. This is to ensure prevention of mistakes that could cost the casino a lot of money. The beginner croupier is generally placed at easy games or games with little impact on the casino. This way any mistake would not have a huge impact on the casino.

Online casinos

Croupiers are an important part of casino games. They are mostly seen at physical casinos. However, this does not mean that they do not feature in online casino games. At live online casino games, live dealers are featured to make live actions. Most online casinos employ attractive dealers to make the atmosphere of the game enjoyable to players.

Casino tips

A dealer should never get so close with the players. This is to prevent cheating. Dealers are trained to decline bribes to assist a certain player in winning. This is totally different from being tipped by players. Players generally tip croupiers. These tips form a significant part of their wages. The tips are often given to reward the dealer’s effort and sometimes to improve the mood of the dealer.

Although a bunch of casinos permit croupiers to receive tips, some casinos strictly ban croupiers to receive tips. These casinos do this to prevent the croupier from influencing the winning or losing of the game.