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First Aid Mistakes: Why Does It Occur?


Providing First Aid to victims of various conditions and injuries in the first minutes after the incident saves lives, and psychological support helps to preserve mental health. The study of erroneous actions of First Aid and psychological support helps to improve the quality of their provision and the effectiveness of the actions carried out. Therefore, Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein München included it to the list of topics considered in seminars. 

Reasons for mistakes

A mistake in saving a person can cost a life. There are situations when it is better to do nothing and just stay with the victim until the doctors arrive. Erste hilfe kurs fahrschule defines the following reasons:

  • Trust in questionable sources of information, advice from people who do not have medical education, and basic training.
  • Inconsistency. Wrong order of assistance, confusion in determining the nature of the damage, and the severity. Waste of time to make a decision.
  • Desire to do more than is required by the first aid protocol. Fulfillment of the competencies of a doctor, without the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Fear of harm. Failure to provide help for fear of making it worse. Providing incomplete assistance.

What are the mistakes?

When providing First Aid, Erste hilfekurs münchen defines three groups of errors:

  • Errors of non-observance of personal safety: neglect of protective devices and means in the provision of assistance or the use of worn-out ones. 
  • Errors in the practical application of the First Aid algorithm: inaccurate or erroneous performance of action to the victim.
  • Errors of poor-quality performance of an action: technical errors in the performed manipulations or a low degree of their effectiveness.

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