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Get The Best Handyman Jobs In Outer Banks, Nc


Finding the right job with good pay is tough especially when you have the right skills for it. And therefore, ACE handyman services are your right choice for it. They are known for their quality service and for being quite flexible in comparison to other such companies. The pay is really good and you are also given training for a brief period before joining officially. Being a handyman too, you will be given full authority to take charge of the sites you will be working and contact with the customers directly to listen to their requirements and then work accordingly, therefore by applying to handyman jobs in outer banks, nc you will be having a smooth working experience and there’s no doubt in that.

Day-to-day general responsibilities-

  • The work is often indoors so that’s an advantage.
  • Duties are mostly lighter than that of construction projects.
  • Franchise owners and office managers are there to help you in assisting with the day-to-day responsibilities and at the same time help with the administrative area too.
  • Craftsmen are required to give their 100% and focus on providing quality service to their customers as the company claims to be a customer favorite one.

Work environment-

  • Even the engagement of franchise owners shows how generous they are towards their employees and always ready to help when required.
  • Work hours are very good as you have to just work from 8 am to 5:30 pm and as for weekends, it’s a holiday so you can enjoy your weekend and come back to work fresh.
  • Work is mostly indoors and in temperature-controlled environments therefore you won’t have to face any kind of discomfort.
  • You can even check reviews put up by different employees who applied for handyman jobs in outer banks, nc, and are still currently working.

How to apply?

Go to their website> go to the careers page> then go a little down the page and instantly you will find two boxes asking for details> fill in the required details (that is zip code and which position you are applying to)> lastly click on find jobs.

Job hiring is done by franchise owners only, therefore your filled application directly goes to them for further assessment, and all the final decisions for hiring are done by them only. Further, if you have any more queries, then you may directly contact the franchise owners and not anyone else.