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Manual Herb Grinders vs Electric Herb Grinders


Importance of a good grind(er)

Have you ever thought you had packed the perfect bowl only to realise your herb was ground so finely that it obstructed the airflow and led to a torched bowl? Or ground such large pieces that the bowl was immediately torched and rendered useless? Then you understand the need for a perfect grind, every time. The only way to ensure a consistently perfect, fluffy grind is with a high-quality grinder. There are many different metrics that can be used to determine the quality of a grinder, including design and engineering, quality of components, and overall performance. When considering an upgrade in your grinding system, it is important to evaluate all criteria that might come in handy for your specific situation. Can it grind up to an ounce of herb at a time? Is it designed with the user in mind? Are the materials the highest possible quality (aircraft grade aluminum) and has a good company customer service and replacement policy. There is a whole world of grinders, each with their own area of merit, but with the right testing and research it is possible to find the best grinder for you and your needs.

Manual grinders and the innovation of electric grinders

Battery or electric grinders are not a new concept – people have been destroying their herb in electric coffee grinders for as long as they’ve been around. To further explore the history, check out this great article exploring electric dry herb grinders. The desperation for a good grind has led many innovators and designers to try to develop the most effective grinder. Unfortunately, many have come up short by trying to cut costs in important areas (research and development, design, build, and distribution). Manual grinders rely on the user to know when their herb is ground – but are largely made from opaque materials. The user is unable to see their herb and either over or under grind it. The grinders made of translucent materials (such as plastic or resin) are generally of poorer quality and do not grind as well. This handheld electric grinder is a good example of a grinder with high quality parts that dispenses a perfect grind, every time.

Electric grinders are the most effective

Electric or battery-powered herb grinders can be anywhere from as-fast or 20 times faster than a typical manual grinder. If you’re used to manually grinding your herb, the first time you use a handheld electric herb grinder you will likely be blown away at the speed – whereas a typical electric grinder operator will feel transported back to the stone age when forced to use a primitive manual grinder. It is so important to know your own personal limitations and expectations when it comes to your grinding experience – if you are someone with muscle pain or fatigue, carpal tunnel, or arthritis, a manual grinder may exacerbate these symptoms with the repetitive squeezing, twisting, and turning. A great deal of dexterity is then required to clear the grinder of herb and funnel it where it needs to go. If these are concerns for you, try to find a grinder with a hygienic dispensing tip to eliminate these steps (and reduce the risk of contamination).