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Must Have Items for 2022-2023 School Year


Shopping for school supplies is an exciting start to the school year. Each year there are some new trends and ‘must haves.’ Depending upon your child’s age and grade, some of the back-to-school items might differ. Overall, most students need some basics which are the must have items for this school year. Many of these items are must haves when you find an online school program.

Coming and Going

While the items carried in backpacks have changed, there is still the need for one. The search for this year’s backpack should be looking for one that lets students easily carry their device. A combination backpack and laptop bag will work best for many students. Look for features that include a place for their laptop, phone, chargers, and earbuds.

For those students and families that prefer a lunch from home, you need a lunch box as well. Newer options for lunch boxes include compartments that keep food fresh and from being squished. These often come with silverware as well.

Last big item to carry back and forth is a refillable water bottle. There are some great options that will keep the water cold, but some of those can be heavy.

Check the weight that your child will be carrying. Look for an ergonomic laptop-backpack for all their necessities.


Though technology is ever evolving, there are some must haves for this coming school year. When you find an online school program, these ideas will make for easy access for your child.

Wireless accessories are great for your child to utilize their technology more readily. One is a mouse. Accessing their online classroom, searching for information, creating projects – all are much easier to do with a wireless mouse. These are more ergonomic for your child’s hand and arms than the precise movements needed on a small keyboard.

Lastly, a wireless charger can be an essential school supply. It is easy to forget to charge all of our devices. So, providing your child with a backup wireless charging station can eliminate stress and keep them powered up!