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Playing Poker At Home Versus Public Cardrooms


Casino poker is different from other types of games. Although poker at home may be good for meeting new friends, there are good reasons to play at the public cardroom. One important factor is that there is always an available game. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you have a wide choice of games.

In urban locations and large poker clubs, one advantage is safe public cardrooms. In these venues, you can find the professional dealers and the place is secured. In the cardrooms, there is zero pressure to stay. Nobody will mind you if you quit early in the game. Somebody else will take on your seat as you leave. But you have to pay money to play. Indeed, it will cost you more to play in a casino than an in-home game.

But in casinos, you have various games to choose from. If you don’t like playing Texas Hold’em poker, then you can play joker123, Omaha, Lowball, or Stud instead. If there are weak players at your table, you can punish them. Meanwhile in home games, weak players become ex-players especially if they cannot win the game for some time.

Remember that the things you’ve done in-home games will not happen in public cardrooms. The dealer handles the deck and no one will fish through the discards. You will have to play cards without help from friends.

How to Enter a Game

As you enter a cardroom, you can find a whiteboard with the players’ initial. For example, you can walk into a casino and find seven players ahead of you waiting for their turn in the game. Give your initials to the casino attendant and tell him the game you wanted to join.

In some cardrooms, they don’t have a board. Just provide your initials to the attendant and say the game you want to play. In small cardrooms, ask the dealer if there is a seat available for you.

Buying Chips 

When it is your first time to sit in the game, the dealer or floor person will ask how much chips you wanted. In every game, there is a minimum buy-in. Give the floor person your money and you can have your chips. In larger casinos, they have their chip attendants. Your chips will arrive about the time that first hand is played.

Shuffling and Dealing 

In a casino, the shuffle procedure is more rigorous versus in the game of beginners. Home game players are sometimes unfamiliar with the rules of a good shuffle. Many players even lack the skill to perform one.

The casino dealers are well-trained and they can assemble the deck so that the cards will face the players. They can do that by scrambling the cards on the table. This is followed by twice the shuffle, riffle, and shuffle once again. Then, the dealer will cut the deck and proceed to deal. Indeed, the overall procedure is efficient and fast. It is designed to be as such so that no cards are flashed throughout the process.