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Deal is the process in which depending on the variation a certain number of cards is distributed to each player from either a standard deck of 52 cards or two decks combined or sometimes a special deck of cards used for specific games. The undealt cards are pushed face down in the middle of the pile which is also known as stock. In most of the variations, only a single card is kept face-up aside from the stock where shedding and discarding are done by the players and this is known as the discard pile. The game which is played between two, three or 4 players is called ten-card rummy where each player gets ten cards. Similarly, with 5 players each player gets five cards whereas in Indian Rummy each player is dealt with thirteen cards.


A meld can either be known as a set or a run. A set consists of at least three cards of the same rank. Whereas, a run comprises at least three consecutive cards of the same color or suit. There exist very few variations in which runs have mixed suits. In some variations, other patterns are also considered. Depending on the variations melds can range from three or four cards to five or six cards through longer runs or multiple decks with wild cards. A good example of a wild card can be a joker. The number of wild cards in a particular game can be restricted.


In rummy variations at least two melds should be presented by a player however, A player can shed one card to the discard pile before showing. Once all the cards are mended by the player they are asked to reveal their entire hand and the hand is submitted for validation. Deadweight and melds are revealed by other players as well at the same time. This action of revealing cards in a game of a particular number of players is called show.


After the occurrence of a successful show, All the players or the winner score their hand. Depending on different variations, numbered cards are assigned different points while face cards are assigned a different value. The ‘A’ card often has different points from other cards. Each player’s scoring often involves adding up points to their melded cards while deducting points from their cards which have not been melded at the same time. Sometimes extra points are given to a hand for difficult or special melds. Negative points are obtained by a player if the number of un-melded cards exceeds the number of melded cards. There is a threshold of one-thousand points to which the game is played.

Rummy Online

Due to the lack of offline availability of players in today’s time, Rummy is most preferably played online. Several applications are available on desktops as well as on mobile phones (Android or IOS). Free Rummy game download can happen via third party websites or app stores on both the OS. Rummy app can be downloaded directly to phones that support android as well as IOS and can be enjoyed with online players. With realtime scores, the Rummy app takes this traditional game to a whole new level of excitement. Rummy game free download or Rummy game download search terms can help you find desktop clients of these apps with variations in a paid and a free version as per your requirements.