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Signs You have a Good Doctor 


When evaluating your present dental treatment or determining whether or not to seek new dental care, it is beneficial to understand what distinguishes an excellent dentist. If you’re wondering whether or not your dentist is the best in the business, we feel the following are the top ten characteristics of a good dentist:

  1. Pay attention to what you’re saying.

Every Columbia, South Carolina dentist wants to help you, but the best dentists employ their listening skills as much as their technical talents in order to do so effectively. In addition, a quality doctor takes the time to hear your concerns and will work with you to alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing, such as dental work, if you have any.

  1. It provides you with information.

For the reason that you did not attend dental school, you rely on your dentist to educate you on oral health and medical issues, as well as excellent oral health habits and treatment alternatives in the event of a potential problem. An excellent dentist is willing to spend the time necessary to explain your alternatives and collaborate with you in order to increase your confidence. This could include anything from instructing you on proper brushing techniques to walking you through the steps of a prospective operation you might require.

  1. Is considerate of your time and resources

Dentists that are thoughtful are on time and take your financial situation into consideration when making treatment recommendations. They have a team that will phone or text you to remind you of an impending appointment and who will assist you in scheduling future appointments with enough time for you to prepare for them.

  1. Maintains a neat and orderly workplace

If you have a dental appointment, make sure your dentist’s office is “clean, nice, and ordered,” and that all dental instruments are sanitized, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). If you see items like outdated gloves and dirty equipment in the dental operatory, it’s possible that the dentist is contaminating the treatment room, which transmits germs and can make you and other clients sick as a result.

  1. Is only concerned with promoting What Is Necessary in The Situation

Good dentists will not try to upsell you on products and procedures that you don’t really need and that you didn’t specifically request prior to your appointment. A reputable dentist will have a team that will assist you in determining whether your dental insurance will partially or completely cover the services or items that they want you to purchase.