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Speed Dating – Do’s and Don’ts


Speed dating can be a fun way to meet a potential partner. The thrill of meeting new people could give even the seasoned players butterflies. However, there are crucial things that must be done to ensure that the dates go well. Here are the dos and don’ts from the Naturally Dating Experts.


  • Attend events that provide 3-5 minute dates

Speed Dating events vary on the time they offer. The time mostly ranges between 3-12 minutes. You want to have quick conversations; 9 minutes may seem like the perfect time but this may end up like a very long time when you are talking to someone annoying. There is no guarantee that at a speed dating event you won’t meet people that just annoy you to the core so a shorter time is better.

  • Come to the event early

Try to familiarize yourself with the surrounding. Arriving early will help you relax and cool your nerves. You will need to be at your sharpest, you get just a few minutes to impress someone. Walk around the area, talk to a few people and try to get yourself cheered up and ready to go.

  • Keep your handshake firm

Shaking hands while introducing yourself is always a good practice. The first impression is crucial and this is where many people lose it. Since you only get a few minutes a bad handshake will give you no time to recover.

  • Attend events based on other factors than just age

Age should not be a determiner of the people that you think are going to be compatible with you. Expand your scope and step out of the norm. There are always themed events that will offer a variety of choices where you can land the perfect match. You might be lucky to meet the perfect partner based on hobbies, similar pastimes or even height.

  • Go with an open-mind

We sometimes have unrealistic expectations when trying to find love. You never really know who might set you off. Do not shut yourself out completely when the first few dates are not going well for you. You need to concentrate and get your head in the game.


  • Do not drink too much

Drinking too much will take you off your game. You want to go into this with a clear mind. A clear mind will help you make informed decisions. Being sober will also help in your conversation clarity.  

  • Do not sit to talk to someone you know

The whole point of speed dating is getting to meet different people of different personalities. You might have gone to an event with a group of friends and sitting with them may be intimidating to your date. Plus, you do not want your friends giving you an assessment of what they think about your date. You want to make a decision based on the vibe you are getting from your date.

  • Do not turn the date into an interview

Do not get too serious and formal. Try loosening up. Nobody wants to be put in the hot seat and asked uncomfortable questions. Have fun and learn from the experience. You could always book for other events if things are not so eventful on the first try.