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Tips to launch and expand business globally


Search and getting clients outside the USA can be challenging for services especially when you don’t have a physical good for a buyer or client to evaluate. The services which can be exported are:

  • Medical Consulting
  • Telecoms
  • Business Consulting
  • Legal and financial services
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Franchising
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Education

For you to win your clients heart and offer you the contract, you have to find alternative ways to demonstrate your services value, uniqueness and reliability. Consider how your proposal may be great enough for the client to work with you instead of working with domestic companies.

Communication skills are very important. Show that you understand their needs and you can be of rescue to them. Customization of service to the local language is very crucial. How will you deliver the service? Cross border the USA or local market presence.

That is where Clearit USA gives you as its client a hand of help with issues concerning exportation and importation of goods. We offer services of this kind of challenges and we have a team of consultants is available with wise legal and business advice. Do not be stranded when we are here for you.

Finding and succeeding in a new market one needs to:

  • Use a strategic approach for exporting
  • Use a variety of market indicators and be creative to evaluate market potential
  • Research on a number of industries and products where your services can be used.
  • Consider to which countries your prospective clients are selling their goods and services; are you able to support them or their local partners in the other countries.
  • Establish your company profile. How would you boost your profile? 
  1. Speak in conferences in international trade events
  2. Use YouTube videos
  3. Create partnerships with local companies from foreign markets
  4. Appear in magazines and journals
  5. Show portfolio of your projects that demonstrate good track records
  6. Optimize your website regularly
  7. Localize all information and currency in the foreign country.
  • Emphasize frequent contact or communication with potential clients to cultivate business. Use video conferencing for meetings.
  • Find yourself a local partner for he or she will:
  1. Give you expertise in local environment and customs
  2. Give you knowledge of market opportunities, players and challenges
  3. Give you required local qualifications and accreditations
  4. Will establish clients that could be potential clients
  5. Can give you endorsement of your company.