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Top Tips to Light your Home the Right Way 


Lighting is one of the essential fixtures in a home. Proper lighting gives your home the ambience and welcoming tone. You also need the right light to make your house appear brighter and cleaner. The lighting also has a role to play in determining your home’s value and true beauty.

Here are some of the best home lighting tips;

  • Make use of natural light.

One of the reasons why most homes come with larger windows is to make use of natural light. Allowing your room the ambience from nature makes it appear more prominent and peaceful. Natural light also goes a long way in helping you save on electricity costs. Buy curtains online that match your room decor and style to complete the room.

  • Have a Lighting Plan 

If you are like most new home builders, you are likely to think about every other thing and work on lighting as an afterthought. That is where you go wrong. Like any other part of the house, take time to plan the light. Understand all the lighting needs and what you are looking to achieve. Having a plan allows you to set the lighting budget. You end up with the best quality and placed lights.

  • Choose the right bulb.

Even though most homeowners don’t give it a thought, there are many types of bulbs then you can ever imagine. The best way to bring your lighting plan to life is by using the right bulb quality. Choosing the right lamp involves colour, type, and energy use. The right bulb complements your curtains, theme, and paintings. 

  • Consistency is key 

There is no need to plan or choose the right bulb if you are not going to follow through with the theme. Once you have the lighting strategy that works, stick to it. Having a consistent lighting plan allows you to decorate the home to your liking. 

  • Light up the stairs and Driveway

The stairs and driveways are some of the least lit places in a home. Most homeowners tend to think they don’t need the lights as they are rarely used. Lighting the stairs and the stairs come with both indoor and outdoor security. Stairs lights allow you to try out different colour light patterns and themes.

  • Think about light Control 

You already know you don’t need your light on all the time. At times you will only use some while you switch off the others. Where you locate the light controls is essential. Consider having more than one switch for regularly used lights. For example, have a switch at the door and above the bed for your bedroom lights.

  1. Research

The fact that you are reading this you are already on the right track. Flip through interior design magazines and blogs to find inspiration for your lighting plan. The more knowledgeable you are about lighting, the higher the chances of choosing the right fixtures. Know the right light for your curtains and home décor. 

Bottom Line

If you ever go wrong with anything in your home, never let it be the lighting. Use these tips to help you light your home the right way.