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Types of Glasses You Need Every Day


Even if you think you have a clear vision, it is important to visit your ophthalmologist at least once a year. We spend a lot of time looking at our phones at a closer range than recommended which means that there has to be some effect on our eyes. You also might think there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight but you find out there is a small diopter that can use correction.

There are things all around us that can affect our vision so setting an appointment shouldn’t be something you should avoid. It isn’t anything serious when you have to wear them, you should look at it as preventing further damage or even correcting it. Even if everything is okay, wearing eyeglasses is recommended for everyone on certain occasions.

Prescription Glasses

The first type and probably the most important are ones that your doctor will prescribe. You don’t have to buy them at the spot because they might not have the frame you want or it may be expensive so take your time to look at other options. If you trust your doctor, you can get them right away because each clinic has its own models.

How much you will own will also depend on your condition and the quality of the lens you get. You can get any frame you like even from popular brands like Gucci Glasses but the lenses will correct your vision so you need to bring the frame to the doctor or order online so they can cut out the lenses. You can also get contacts but they won’t be efficient as glasses at improving your vision and you will have to adapt to them.

Digital Protection

These are becoming more popular as more people are spending their time on their phones which emit blue light that is dangerous for our eyes in larger amounts. We also blink less when we are focused on a screen that dries our eyes out. Almost 40% of adults are working a job that requires prolonged use of a phone or computer but doesn’t realize that eyestrain is an issue that causes blurry vision. If you are one of them, try to get models that have blue light protection.

Polarized Sunglasses

The majority of people will wear polarized models during the summer which is a smart move because ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eye. Most of them don’t know that this is also applied during winter when you have a lot of reflecting UV rays. This reflecting happens on every flat reflective surface so wearing them every day isn’t a bad move. Visit here for more information.

When you are ordering online, you can probably add features to the pair you buy which depends on the manufacturer. Some retailers will just sell them as they are made, others will add improvements. Be careful when you are choosing the manufacturer especially if you are buying a branded product that is way more expensive. Read feedbacks and reviews online for each site you visit.