Reasons Why People at Home Always Get Sick and How the Use of Berkey Water Systems Help


    You hope that your entire family stays safe and free from diseases. Seeing them getting sick can be tough. If you’re also getting ill, it’s worse. You couldn’t take good care of them. If everyone has recurring illnesses, no matter how mild, you should do something about it. Start by improving your water source. Berkey water systems help.

    You need them to guarantee that the drinking water is safe. Your water source may be loaded with contaminants and pollutants. You don’t know where the water has passed through before it gets to your home. If you drink the dirty water, it’s easier for you to get ill. Waterborne diseases are common in areas without access to clean drinking water. If not treated immediately, it could be fatal. These are other possible reasons people at home get sick all the time, and what you can do about it.

    You don’t prepare healthy dishes

    Perhaps, it’s time for you to evaluate what you eat at home. If you always eat meat, junk foods, or order from fast-food restaurants, it has a terrible effect on everyone’s health. Prepare healthy meals at home and be cautious of what you put into every dish. A balanced diet is key. If you continue to eat unhealthy foods, some family members could develop life-threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Remind everyone to continue eating healthily even when dining out. You won’t be there to check what goes into their mouths, so they have to be responsible enough to choose what to eat.

    Air quality in your area is bad 

    You can have an air quality monitor to determine if there’s something wrong with the air in your area. Prolonged exposure to pollutants could lead to lung diseases. You have to invest in an air purifier to ensure that the air you breathe is clean. If the purifier doesn’t cut it, you might want to relocate. You can’t stay in the same area if it’s causing everyone to be sick.

    You don’t set rules on getting enough sleep

    Sleep is important in staying healthy. Eight hours of sleep are necessary to give the body plenty of time to recover and recharge for the challenges. The problem is if you don’t set curfew at home. Your children could continue watching TV shows until the late hours of the evening. They will also continue playing video games. Sleep deprivation could lead to a weakened immune system, and you should set clear rules in this regard. You might also want to prevent phones in the bedroom during bedtime.

    Exercise isn’t part of the daily habit

    Encourage your family to exercise. It’s not easy to challenge everyone to stand up and start exercising, but you have to do it. Exercising boosts the immune system, and it also helps everyone stay fit. You don’t have to go to the gym to stay in shape. Following exercise videos at home would suffice. Fitness trainers designed them, and they can recommend the right techniques.

    Everyone is overworked 

    You already spend too much time at work. At home, you have to do household chores. You also bring work-related tasks at home. Your children feel the same way. They also continue to study at home to prepare for tests and finish the homework. It’s on top of what they have to do at school. There’s no wonder why everyone feels overworked. It could lead to stress and fatigue. This habit needs to change. The home is a place to relax. Other tasks can wait. If not, you should reduce the time to do them.

    No one talks about emotional issues

    Apart from physical health, you should also consider mental health. The family needs to establish an open line of communication. Keeping emotions will only make things worse. Suspend judgment and be willing to listen. When your children want to open up, they change their minds in fear of being judged. Worse, you might get angry with what they tell you. Allow them to commit mistakes and learn. Don’t be too harsh on penalizing them. It’s not going to hell improve your relationship with one another.

    Good hygiene isn’t observed

    Tell your family always to observe good hygiene. It’s a practice not only limited at home but in other places. Hand washing is vital before and after eating. The same is true when using the toilet. Failure to observe proper hygiene could lead to illnesses. The body becomes weak and susceptible to pathogens. A constant reminder is necessary, especially for children. They easily forget what to do, and even complain if asked to be hygienic.

    You self-medicate

    When someone gets sick, you have to seek help from a physician. Self-medication wouldn’t help, and will only make things worse. You can’t rely on whatever you find online. Try to avoid reading incorrect or unreliable information. The best way to deal with the illness is to talk to your doctor. Besides, not all bodies are the same. The information you find online might not help you get better. It could even be the other way.

    Self-medication bypasses the years of training doctors had to help you recover. Treating yourself with medicines when you don’t even know what’s wrong with you could be fatal.

    Keeping everyone safe at home should be a priority. You need to change your behavior to guarantee that everyone is free from illnesses. Getting sick isn’t only worrying; it can also be costly. If you don’t have comprehensive health insurance, you don’t want to get sick. You won’t even receive quality healthcare since you can’t prove the ability to pay your bills.

    If someone at home gets sick, isolation might be necessary. You live under the same roof, so it’s easier to pass on the infections. Use proper protective equipment, so the infection doesn’t spread around. Don’t hesitate to be admitted to the hospital if it’s an option suggested by the doctor.