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Ways To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Being Aware Of It


You are not alone if you plan to enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone on the person’s phone whose text messages you want to read. There are thousands of people who want to do this and to make it simple for you, we have mentioned some ways that make it possible for you to do so.


Using this application is one of the best options for people out there wishing to read someone else’s text messages without having their phone. It is a popular application and is available for free for both iOS and Android users. It works remotely and is impossible to detect. It is the most effective spy application and has also been featured on many popular channels like BuzzFeed and BBC.


Using this application, you will have access to all of the incoming and outgoing messages of the person you are spying on. You will also be able to read deleted messages. It works well with both iOS and Android users. It is free to be installed or downloaded from the website. It is also well-hidden.


Made by developers with years of experience, it allows you to intercept the message from the other person without having to install any software. It is also one of the most reliable apps and works with both iOS and Android devices. However, you will have to install the software on the phone of your target.

Minspy Global

This application, as with others, works well with all devices irrespective of them being iOS or an Android device. You can use it without software on iOS devices. However, you will have to use it with software in the case of Android gadgets. It is also less expensive than Spyic and does not require any technicalities.


It is comparatively a new application but it is reliable and among the above-mentioned features, it also allows you to forward text messages from the target’s phone to your phone. The application does this in secret and works remotely so it is pretty much very convenient.

These were some applications that can help you with reading text messages of your target and can also help you with other things like how to track a phone without them knowing. These applications are reliable and have been in popular use since their launch.