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What do Sunflowers Represent?


Of course, many of us have seen this beautiful flower with a large diameter in yellow. Almost some people like this flower, from children, adolescents, adults, to those who are elderly, both men and women. Sunflowers originally came from the United States and grew around 1,000 BC. In the past, Americans cultivated this flower as a food source.

Sunflowers were used as a food source by Native Americans. The oil can also soften the skin, improve hair condition, and treat wounds. In ancient times, the Indians planted sunflowers to be cultivated and used as food, namely sunflower seeds called kuaci. The blackish colored sunflower seeds contain a lot of vitamin B complex, vitamin B6, and vitamin E.

The scientific name of the sunflower is Helianthus annuus L. This flower from the family of Asteraceae seems to symbolize the charm of the sun. Its main specialty is its bright yellow flowers. This type of flower turns out to be unique in that it is always facing the sun. Besides being an ornamental flower, sunflower also produces oil for sunflower seed. This is what makes a lot of people happy with sunflowers. Impressionist artists also often use this flower in their artwork as a religious symbol.

Since each flower has its meaning, it is not permissible to give flowers to colleagues, friends, or loved ones carelessly. You have to adjust the type of flower with the message you want to convey. Surely you don’t want to give the wrong flower that means condolences to come to your friend’s birthday party! To not give the wrong flower, maybe there is nothing wrong if you know the language meanings of flowers first. So, before you give your loved ones a sunflower bouquet, let’s get to know the following meanings or symbols represent sunflowers below :

  1. Loyalty and Obedience 

The sunflower represents the nature of loyalty and obedience. Because this flower moves in the sun’s direction, the shape of the flower that has bloomed resembles the shining sun. Try to notice, in the morning, the sunflowers will face the east where the sun rises. Then the flowers continue to follow the sun’s movement to the west, which is the direction of the sunset.

This meaning also comes from ancient Greek history. Where an angel named Clytie and Apollo who is the sun god. Even though Clytie was beautiful, Apollo didn’t want to admit his feelings. After nine days of hopeless pursuits, Clytie transforms herself into a sunflower and keeps turning towards the sun so that she can always be with the people she loves somehow.

  1. Friendship

The meaning of bright colors in sunflowers is not a flower that gives a romantic impression. The symbol of loyalty attached to the sunflower is to represent friendship. In other words, the meaning of sunflower refers to joy and loyalty to relatives or friends or universal friendship.

A gift of a sunflower bouquet will make anyone who receives it smile. The bright yellow color of the flower symbolizes joy. Giving this bouquet will make your best friend’s day fun.

  1. Joy and Happiness

The large diameter of this flower seems to represent the sun shining brightly. The yellow petals also symbolize a life full of happiness and joy. Looking at sunflowers seems to reflect joy and joy. No wonder sunflowers can captivate everyone’s hearts to see them for a long time. Every joy will transmit excitement and joy to others. Therefore, a sunflower bouquet is often used for graduation gifts to express happiness for their achievements.

  1. Good luck and lasting happiness

This large diameter flower is also unable to provide positive energy to anyone who sees it. In China, sunflowers represent good luck and longevity of lasting happiness. This makes sunflowers suitable to be given to those who are striving to achieve their dreams. This is an expression of good luck in its achievement.

  1. Energy and optimism

Sunflowers are often described as a symbol of optimism and high spirits. What’s more, the yellow color that is very striking on the sunflower petals seems to give positive energy to anyone who looks at it. The meaning of this flower itself is a symbol of the sun which always provides warmth to all living things in the universe.

Most sunflower colors we know are yellow. However, many flower shops have cultivated a variety of sunflower colors. And each color of the sunflower has a different meaning. What are the colors of the sunflowers? Then, what does each color mean?

  1. The Yellow Sunflowers

This color is the sunflower color we commonly know. The yellow petals symbolize happiness and joy. A sunflower bouquet of yellow color can be used as a gift on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations.

  1. The Pink Sunflowers

The pink sunflower represents the nature of innocence and good health. They are used as gifts when visiting relatives or loved ones who are sick. A get well gift means a lot to the patient, especially if you give it yourself. This will help their healing process.

  1. The Purple Sunflowers

The purple sunflowers represent wealth, majesty, glory, and splendor. You can give this flower to your relatives who are starting new businesses. This purple sunflower describes the success or wealth you get from their business.

  1. The Orange Sunflowers

The orange sunflower has the meaning of spirit, happiness, fertility, and good fortune. This color can be used as a gift congratulating the pregnancy of your relatives or loved ones. And you can mix it with pink sunflowers as a prayer so that the mother-to-be is kept in good health until the day of birth.

  1. The Red Sunflowers

The red color of the sunflower symbolizes strength and positivity. It is usually given when a relative or loved one is struggling to achieve something. And hopefully, this sunflower can add strength and optimism to them.

Well, now you know what meanings and symbols represent sunflowers. Sunflower bouquets can be used as gifts on special days such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new launches, valentine’s day, graduations, and others. The main thing about the meaning of sunflower giving is to give pleasure to those who receive it. So if the special day comes soon, don’t forget to order a sunflower bouquet to give to your loved ones. Convey your feelings through sunflowers to them.