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What is B1 Level English Language


At this level, you can understand general specific details about the given sentence. You can see important points in given topics. If you want to know how much can you score then you can to online sites and test your English language you will get immediate results. The B1 English test is not so tricky.

What can you do with the B1 level in the English language?

B1 level English is good for communicate with other people. You will know different topics of information. You can understand the sentence and the keywords of it.

  • You can understand the main keyword if the sentence. If you want to become fluent, you can bring things in your routing which involves the English language.
  • You can deal with a different type of software situation when you are travelling somewhere. You can communicate with another person very fluently.
  • You can produce topics just by seeing any sentence. You can give different opinions.
  • You can describe different types of events and occasions.

How to become more fluent in the English language

  • Try to speak about your goals and your career. Talk about your future dreams.
  • You can tell about your favourite program which comes on television. If the person is interested in the same program which you watch, you can have a long conversation but remember in English only.
  • If you are a student, you can tell people about what different course you will take in the future.
  • Listen to English music. There are several categories of music. You can listen to it. But remember to listen to the words carefully what the singer is trying to say. If you do not know the meaning of any word, you can search online.
  • If you are a fitness freak person, then you can watch online fitness videos in English. You will get to know different exercise also and learn English with several new words which are used in the gym.
  • You can talk about relationships. You can take advice from someone who is already in relationships. Make your social group good.
  • Go to different restaurants prefer food in English to talk in a polite manner.
  • Participate in events which include English more.
  • You can talk to the person which you spend more time with, like any relative or colleague. If you communicate daily in English, it will become your habit; you will not hesitate while talking. So there are many things from where you can learn English, so do not worry, just involve English in your daily life. Everything depends upon you how much your interest is. There are persons who take things very lightly. But in the end, they regret it. So do not be lazy; it is not impossible. Try to learn English from basic if you do not know any single word. There are many people who passed these kinds of test.

You have come to B1 English language. Means you know the language not full, but you can understand and respond. The examiner will ask questions about normal things like what you will at this time. He or she will try to see how you respond to the questions. Listen carefully and respond it properly. You will get your result fast it will not take more days.