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Why is Jio Fiber so popular?


Jio Fiber came out with an initial Rs. 2500 refundable deposit and the customers started to enjoy the services for free. With speeds reaching up to 1 Gbps, broadband users had definitely liked the taste of the new services. However, unlike the disruptive mobile network strategies, Jio has already started to bill customers for the services soon after its release. This is yet another service being offered by the service provider. This boosts the profitability of the network service provider. Let us take a look at the reasons why Jio Fiber is so popular.

  1. The inexpensive prices –Jio Fiber started for free, initially. Customers only had to pay Rs. 2500 to get the services started. If you search ‘Jio Fiber near me‘, you can find out if the services would be available at your place. Now that Jio has already started commercial services, the plans cost between Rs. 699 to Rs. 8499 every month. These plans are quite affordable to customers across the country. These amazing deals are one of the reasons why this broadband network is so popular among customers. The plans from Airtel Broadband are significantly cheaper, however.
  1. Good network speeds – When Jio came out with 4G services, the speeds were very surprising. That, in combination with free usage, started to attract customers. Even the Jio Fiber services had a similar strategy. The network speeds offered by Jio are quite amazing and meet the requirements of customers. The Jio plans offer speeds varying from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Such impressive bandwidths are sure to impress customers and increase the popularity of the services.
  1. Amazing bundles – Not only is Jio Fiber offering great speeds at amazing prices, but the company is also offering amazing bundles for the users. These include home network sharing, gaming, video calling and conferencing through TV, device security and access to a content platform. These added features strike a nice bargain with customers who are looking for some additional perks. Even Airtel Broadband offers amazing Airtel Thanks benefits to customers these days.
  1. Jio Fiber is keeping promises – Even the lowest bandwidths of Jio Fiber is offering good speeds. It is very easy to stream movies with the help of a Jio Fiber connection. The services even offer a dual-band router with an Ethernet port. The performance of these devices is also quite fascinating.
  1. There is a huge customer base in the country – The number of broadband customers in the country is huge, with an approximate of 18 million customers. A lot of them are signed up with BSNL and MTNL. Even Airtel has about 2.5 million customers. Jio is trying to captivate the huge potential and its bold marketing strategies have done the job. The free demonstration period and the high speeds have made the customers addicted to Jio Fiber services. The billings have already started now and Jio has a huge customer base to boast of.

The aforementioned reasons are some of the key points that are playing in favour of Jio Fiber. You can try out Jio Fiber by searching ‘Jio Fiber near me’.