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5 Essential Office Cleaning Tips for Montreal Businesses



On average, you spend 40 hours a week in your office.  That is a lot of time, and that is why you need to do everything possible to keep your office clean and neat. A clean office not only clears up your mind, but it is also critical to the success of your business.

A clean environment portrays a good image about your company and boosts productivity. Your clients and business partners will feel comfortable and confident when they walk into a sparkling clean and tidy office to meet you.

But the big question is, how can you keep your office tidy and well-organized all the time? Read on to find out our top five essential office cleaning tips for Montreal businesses.


Establish priorities


The first thing you need to do is set priorities within the office. For instance, if your office work produces a lot of paperwork, make sure you assign someone the responsibility of filing and organizing the papers.

You can also try to keep everything organized by minimizing the amount of paperwork you produce in the office. Since we are living in a digital world, try to digitalize your files and only print them when necessary.

If you have already digitalized your files, hire a computer-literate person to organize the documents within the network for easy accessibility. You can also ask him/her to make backup copies of your files to avoid loss of information.


De-clutter your desk


If you are like many people out there, your work desk most probably acts as your kitchen table at the office. This is the place where you drop everything, and within no time, you start to experience problems trying to access vital documents and other work tools.

Although a clean desk guarantees productivity, most of us never find time to clear up our work desks and keep everything in order. The key to overcoming this problem is to set aside a few minutes at the end of the day to de-clutter and organize your desk.

Treat this like a meeting you cannot fail to attend. With time, you will get used to the routine, and you will understand the value of having a clean and well-organized work desk.


Schedule professional office cleaning


Although you can do some of the cleaning yourself, it pays to hire a professional Montreal office cleaning company to take care of your office cleaning needs.  Office cleaning experts will ensure your office is regularly cleaned and everything is in order.

Once in a while, they will conduct deep cleaning to keep everything sparkling clean. Also, hiring professional cleaners to take care of your commercial cleaning needs will afford you more time to focus on other things that matter.

When it comes to hiring a Montreal office cleaning company, take your time to find the right professionals. Ask the right questions and conduct thorough background checks to make sure you are bringing in the best experts that will give you the best results.


Take out trash daily


A simple habit that you can start practicing immediately is taking out trash daily. If left unchecked, your office trash bin can pile up with a lot of dirt and become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Apart from that, trash left to simmer in your office for too long can gather odor. This will only make your workplace dirtier and less healthy for your employees and clients.

Never neglect your trash bin because the effects can be catastrophic. Develop a habit of emptying the trash bin every day before you step out of the office to be safe.


  • Get rid of junk



The colorful array of branded pens, the magnet business cards, the calendars, the coffee cups, and all other freebies you couldn’t say no to may have found their way to your work desk. Now they are scattered all over, and you don’t know what to do with them.

While some of them may seem useful, the truth is that anything that clutters your workspace and distracts your attention to work is not good and will only impede your productivity.

So, if you have a lot of freebies lying on your desk, clear them out and learn how to say “no” to some things that you don’t need, even if they are being offered free of charge.