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Building a Dating App like Snapsext: Everything We Need to Know


The idea of dating can’t be put into an exact timeline. Humans have been known to do this activity for as long as they have been walking on this earth. With time, approach, and methods, the process of dating has seen its fair share of variations. But the main idea of dating has remained the same.

This activity is still the same in today’s world – knowing other people by spending time with them. It may or may not lead to a long-term relationship. But today, it has got different prefixes attached to it. When individuals today talk about dating, usually it is through the Internet. We now say online hookup, and this industry has flourished as the Internet started to become more popular. Read this article to learn about snap sext and other hookup platforms dominating this industry.

The abstract

There are various online hookup websites in the industry today (Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Snapsext), but it doesn’t end there. These are just some of the biggest names who have tasted success in the early stage of online dating. Individuals love to connect and form relationships with each other, especially when they know that they are using the same platform and are looking for something in common: someone with whom they can spend time without worrying about the pressure of commitment.

When people meet on these platforms, the first step is already cleared – they already know that the other party is interested in hooking up. That is why providing a remarkable platform where like-minded members meet their equivalents adds to the value that attracts money like magnets.

Simple guides to build dating applications

Building an online hookup app is not an easy task, but it is not rocket science either. We have dedicated an easy guide that people could follow when developing a hookup application. But this article will focus on the primordial requirements of creating an application.

Understand member expectations

There is no doubt that is the first step towards achieving the goal. Understanding how users will behave on the Internet by generalizing the figures and facts may not be the right way to start. Every user has different sets of expectations when choosing to start this activity. Not all men or women do the same thing.

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From casual dating to finding the one-true love without having ideas of what they are doing on that platform, the reasons for using these apps vary from person to person. A lot of women openly talked about what they expect when using these applications. That is why there is no doubt that what people want is purely subjective, as well as needs detailed research about human behavior in a certain niche.

Choose app features carefully

What elements make tasks possible? What goes around the platform? Let us take a closer look at what features are needed for this platform.

Text messaging

This feature is the bread and butter of an online-dating app. Text messaging features keep the sites alive. It addresses the fundamental demand of hookup sites – the interaction. The more individuals interact on the platform, the more they will visit the site.

Push notification

Members should get immediately notified about important events where their profile is matched with another individual, someone is interested in their profile, or an interested party sent them a direct message.

User interface

A lot of these platforms owe their success to a neat and clean user interface or UI. With tons of features and data to be presented, it is easy to get distracted. Keeping the UI effortless and simply leads to a successful and eventful user journey intended for the app.


Dividing the member profiles according to standards and criteria based on mutual connections, interests, profiles, location, and age is very important. The algorithm needs to be designed in ways where users get the best possible match analyzing their information.

User profile

It should enable members to view and visit various profiles they are interested in. Administration functionalities should later decide how many profiles a user can visit per day or how to notify a member if someone visited their profile.

Social media authentication

To curb bots and spammy profiles, user authentication using social media integration is crucial.  Not only that, but it also helps in connecting users depending on their mutual connections. It increases the chances of user interaction drastically.