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Everything That You Need to Know About Raw Dog Food Diet and Distributor Options in Houston


What is a raw dog food diet?

A raw dog food diet consists of raw or barely cooked meats, organs, bones, and occasionally vegetables and fruits. A raw dog food diet is intended to be more similar to what dogs ate before they became domesticated and started eating commercial dog food. Many people believe that their dogs would benefit from a raw food diet since it is healthier than commercial dog food. However, although feeding a raw diet might guarantee that your dog gets the needed nutrients, it also increases the likelihood of contracting diseases if you are not careful about the kind of raw food you are serving.

Everything That You Need to Know About Raw Dog Food Diet

This blog will cover all you need to know about transitioning your dog to a raw food diet:

  1. Food safety

Like humans, dogs are also susceptible to foodborne illnesses from harmful bacteria in raw food, including Salmonella and E. coli. The danger of becoming sick from eating raw food may be greatly reduced by employing adequate food safety procedures. It’s important to take precautions while preparing raw food, such as washing your hands properly after handling it, avoiding cross-contamination with other foods, and using specific utensils and cutting boards.

  1. Nutritional balance

You’ll need to put in some time and effort to guarantee that your dog receives all the nutrients from a raw food diet. If you want to feed your dog a raw food diet, it’s crucial to make sure it includes a wide range of foods, from various kinds of meat and organs to grains, legumes, and even fruits and vegetables.

  1. Raw food options

Raw dog food mainly consists of raw meats, including beef, turkey, chicken, and fish. Vegetables, fruits, and organs (such as the liver and kidney) are also included in some diets. The raw food should be of good quality and freshly prepared, and you should never give your dog raw food that has been tainted with hazardous microorganisms.

  1. Learn the process of preparing raw foods

Learn and follow the laid-out steps to guarantee the safety of feeding your dog raw food. This includes properly cleaning foods like fruits and vegetables and thawing frozen raw food in the fridge rather than leaving it out at room temperature. Watching your dog while it eats raw bones is also crucial to ensure it doesn’t choke.

In conclusion, transitioning your dog to a raw food diet comes with several complications and risks. If you’re contemplating switching your furry friend to a raw food diet, it’s vital that you do your homework, talk to your veterinarian, and plan out your dog’s meals in advance to ensure they receive all they need and prevent any food-borne illnesses.

We Deliver the Best Raw Dog Food Diets in Houston

At Houston Raw Pet Food, we go to great lengths to guarantee the safety of our raw dog diets. Among these precautions include: conducting routine testing for Salmonella by a third-party laboratory, regular disinfection of our facilities, and producing in small batches to guarantee that food is always delivered at its peak freshness. You can be sure that your pet is eating only the finest ingredients prepared in a facility that has passed rigorous safety inspections.