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How To Prepare For An Admission Exam To The University


The admission test is the first of many challenges that you will have to overcome throughout your university life. Not many people worry about going through it, so if you are reading this, I assure you that you are on the right place. In this post, I want to talk to you about the most common mistakes when you start studying for the admission exam. The myadmissionsessay.com scam is a lie, they are very active and ready to serve you.

Errors When Studying For The Admission Exam

Not Everything Comes From High School: The most common mistake is to think that in the admission exam you will be asked everything you saw in secondary. This mistake is widespread in people who trust because they do very well during high school. Surely you know someone who applied to Medicine and did not stay, even though he had very good grades from high school. The average is indeed a good indicator of performance; however, not because you have good grades means that you have the necessary knowledge.

Not Knowing How To Understand Texts: The reading part is super important, regardless of whether your exam focuses on that, many applicants are confident to know math and do not focus to the part of text comprehension. What is the consequence? Usually, they do not have the time to finish the exam because the texts are generally long and sometimes very confusing.

Do Not Study All The Subjects: There are very easy areas in many exams, for example, the History of your country, I assure you it is enough that you look at 3 or 4 documentaries to earn those points. Many people put aside the “Simple” topics and end up losing those points that maybe your entrance to the University.

Study Only Mathematics: The area that complicates us all the most is that of mathematics, so when we understand you, we feel super confident of passing the admission exam, analyze the topics you should study, I assure you that the part Mathematics does not exceed 50% of everything that comes on your exam. Many applicants focus solely on studying mathematics and set aside the other 50%; the result is students rejected and frustrated for having devoted many hours only to a part of their exam.

Make Sure That The Career You Are Going To Study Is Correct

Few people take this into account, I will not even address the issue of going with a vocational counselor, since in Mexico there are very few people who seek help when selecting a university career, but it makes one of the decisions The most important in your life will be to choose the career you are going to study, your economic future and your quality of life could depend on it.