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How VPS Gives You More Business Control Above Shared Hosting?


While Shared Web Hosting plans have certain advantages, one of the biggest cons is that they don’t offer a lot of control over the website’s functions. You don’t have administrative rights on the server or the authority to use scripts. If you are running a basic site and do not need these control features, then Shared Hosting is perfect for you. However, if you want more control over the hosting environment and your business, then a VPS with cPanel is a better option. Today, we are going to look at the reason behind a VPS offering more business control than Shared Hosting services.

In VPS Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server. A single physical web server is divided into multiple virtual servers using server virtualization. Each virtual server has dedicated RAM, CPU, and other resources. Also, it has complete root access and account isolation, making it a virtual replica of a dedicated server with a few limitations.

Here are the factors that make VPS Hosting more control-friendly than Shared Hosting.


Shared Hosting is more about basic websites with pre-set hosting options. You cannot customize a lot on Shared Hosting plans since the resources and computing power is shared between multiple websites. However, in a VPS Server, account isolation, dedicated resources, and complete root access, allow you to customize the hosting environment as per the needs of your website/business. For example, if you want to create a unique site experience for visitors and need to install customized software for the same, you can do so on a VPS Server. Also, you can install any third-party application as required by your site. Hence, you control how your website performs.


A VPS Server is designed to be more secure than most traditional hosting systems. While the website hosting provider takes care of a lot of security measures, you can enhance the security of your VPS by installing specific software and tweaking security settings based on your requirements.

Resource Scalability

Better control over the server and its resources also means that you can add or remove resources as and when you want. Let’s say that one of your social media posts goes viral and overnight, you start receiving thousands of visitors on your website. With your current resources, managing this extra load can be impossible leading to a slow-performing website or a server crash. However, with VPS Hosting, you can add resources with no downtime and ensure uninterrupted services.

While a Dedicated Server offers better control than VPS Server Hosting, the cost is a major factor separating the two. Right from the running costs to server maintenance and scaling up, everything adds on to the cost making Dedicated Servers ideal for large businesses/websites.

Summing Up

A Virtual Private Server Hosting plan is designed for site owners who desire more control over the hosting environment but do not have the budget to spend on a Dedicated Server. While it requires some amount of technical expertise, Managed VPS plans allow you to reap the benefits while a team of technical experts assigned by the host takes care of the maintenance and management aspects of the VPS. Ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements and switch to a VPS plan if your site/business demands it. Good Luck!