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Traveling with Dentures — Tips for Maintaining Your Smile


Planning a vacation with your family is one of the most peaceful adventures of your life; however, tagging along dentures will surely affect your journey if you are not prepared for them. Therefore, before going on a journey, make sure you are aware of all the tips to maintain your aesthetic smile throughout the journey. Thus, if you are residing in NW Albuquerque, you must make sure that you consider seeking consultation with a NW Albuquerque dentist and learn all the tips for maintaining your smile. 

Tips for maintaining your smile:

  • Pack your essentials

Before going on your trip, make sure that you keep all your essentials in order and pack everything you need for your dentures. Essentials like a denture brush, denture cleaner, and a container that will soak your dentures when removed. In addition, you must also keep a spare denture for yourself in case you lose one or in an emergency. Therefore, keeping all your essentials will help you to address any situation regarding your dentures. 

  • Keep your dentures clean.

When it comes to preserving hygiene, not only must you keep your mouth clean, but you should also keep your dentures clean. You can use denture cleansers to clean them thoroughly after you had your meal. Once you have started washing your dentures, consider applying them gently, or else it will cause impairment to your dentures. If you happen to impair your dentures, then you will have to deal with annoyance and discomfort throughout your trip.

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps you preserve your overall well-being. However, by staying hydrated, your oral health can also be sustained. Hydration will keep your mouth damp and prevent a parched mouth, which can cause bad breath. Likewise, drinking plenty of water will wash away all the food particles from your mouth and avoid plaque. On the contrary, hydration makes sure that you do not have to deal with discomfort or pain throughout your journey. 

  • Watch what you eat

If you are on a trip, then you will surely get spoilt by different types of delicious foods. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot eat everything you see or find appetizing. You have to eat according to your dentures; hence, you will not end up damaging your dentures. Therefore, you must make sure that you avoid sticky and hard foods, and you should go for soft foods that are easy to gnaw and eat because the easier it will be to chew your food, the more advantageous it will be for your dentures health.

If you are going on a trip or vacation, you must consider following all the tips cited above and seeking professional guidance from your dental caretaker.