Home Tech Understand the term RAW in photography:

Understand the term RAW in photography:


If someone has just entered the field of photography. Then, it might be possible that they have heard the term or maybe not. But those who do not know about the RAW term. Then, RAW is an image type format just like any JPEG or TIFF format. And, right now most of the DSLR cameras take the photo in the same format. Also, the photographer loves to shoot in the RAW format. Because it does not compress the size of the photo like JPEG or TIFF format does. On top of that, a person can edit almost everything in the image that is in RAW format. 

 One can simply understand the term by comparing it with the camera roll. That was being used in old cameras. After taking the photo the roll then sent to the lab. So, the photo can be developed. RAW format is the same as that. It gives the person the freedom to edit almost everything in the photo. Not like the JPEG or TIFF format in which the user has fewer options to edit.

RAW photos can’t be edited very simply

RAW format photos can’t be edited just like that. People need to have a different kind of software that supports the RAW format. Some of the editing software are Photoshop, Lightroom, and Luminar. But first, the RAW photo has to be converted in a general format. Then, the editing can be started. But only that editing software can be helpful which supports the RAW format. Just visit the https://skylum.com/jp/blog/lightroom-raw to know more about RAW photography. 

Lightroom can be considered

For editing the RAW format photo, a person can consider Lightroom. Because it has all the tools that are needed to edit such type of photo. But to use all those tools a person needs to purchase the Lightroom software. Only then the person can edit the photos very well. Otherwise, in the free version, it doesn’t allow users to use its best tools to edit the photos.