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What are the main factors to make money on your blog?


Making money on the blog is the thing that everyone dreams of but what are the main factors to achieve the same.

It Depends on the Content

First and foremost, different things will work for different blogs. It depends on what kind of content you have. For example, if you are writing a technology blog you can make a lot more money on your blog from ads and affiliate programs than you can if you have a blog about knitting. This is because there are a lot higher dollar affiliate programs for tech companies than there are for knitting. That said, if your passion is knitting, you can still make money from your blog. But it won’t be the same method as if you have a high tech blog. You can also share this content on social media like Instagram and Facebook and drive more traffic. To get instant success, buying Instagram views is a great idea.

It’s a Numbers Game

Another thing to keep in mind is that it takes time and effort to build up a base of loyal readers and subscribers. Without a readership to market to, it’s very hard to make money. So don’t expect to make money from your blog until you have built a sizable following.

This is all a numbers game. In other words, let’s say you have 100 loyal readers on your blog (unique visitors or subscribers, let’s say) your blog. If you have a conversion rate of 1%, that means when you advertise something 1 person out of 100 will “covert” or buy your product. If you have 10,000 readers, with a 1% conversion rate, that’s 100 sales. If you’re selling something that costs $100, that’s $100 versus $10,000.

So if you don’t have the numbers yet, please don’t even worry about putting ads on your blog or trying to make money. Focus instead on driving traffic to your blog, producing great content, and getting people to subscribe to your mailing lists.

Got Traffic?

What’s enough traffic? I’m not sure exactly, but probably at least 20-25K visits (not page views, visits) per month. You also need loyal subscribers.

That said, I have seen bloggers with less traffic than that launch paid content and earn money. You don’t have to have 20K visits per month to start making money, but what I’m saying is don’t put the cart before the horse. Grow the readership, and then try to sell to them.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Lastly, always think about diversifying your income from multiple streams. The methods I will suggest below should ALL be considered. There is no reason not to.


I also want to say that it’s often not worth your time to try to bring on your sponsors. The clients who have big budgets are almost impossible for the small blogger to get. Big ad agencies have media buyers who need volume — they are not going to go for a small blog. It’s also very time consuming to manage these accounts.

Having run a blog network for the past two years, I can tell you that advertising is the smallest part of our revenue. I don’t know if that is true for all verticals but I’m sure it would be true for many.