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Why Is Now The Best Time To Move Your Business To Cloud Hosting?


In the current landscape, with the pandemic leading to lockdowns and businesses being shut, people are turning online to look for products and services. Hence, there has been a sudden increase in online traffic and websites have been experiencing excessive loads. For a site to be online, it needs to be hosted on a web server. The performance of the site relies heavily on that of the server. There are many hosting services available like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. Each of these offers certain pros and cons to websites. In recent years, cloud hosting has evolved as a preferred name in web hosting due to the range of benefits it offers to modern sites. Today, we will talk about cloud web hosting and discuss the benefits you can derive by migrating to a cloud plan now.

When you buy cloud hosting, your website is stored on a shared server that is supported by a cloud storage network. This allows the cloud hosting providers to offer the following benefits that make the service ideal for high-traffic or dynamic-traffic periods.

01: Value for Money

While cloud hosting plans are costlier than traditional shared plans, they offer maximum value for your money. In the current times, site traffic is unpredictable. Hence, there can be days when you receive large traffic spikes. Managing such spikes requires resources like RAM, CPU, etc. With traditional shared plans, you need to shore up resources to manage traffic spikes. However, with cloud hosting, you don’t need to spend on what you are not using. Instant resource scalability helps you add resources when traffic spikes and reduce them when the volumes are low.

02: Top-Notch Security

If you compare cloud and traditional shared hosting plans, cloud hosting is more secure than the latter. This is primarily due to the architecture of the cloud that makes sure that there is no single point of failure. Further, cloud hosts deploy the latest security tools and take all measures to keep the server safe.

05: Speed & Performance of the website

In cloud hosting, your site’s data is mirrored across the cloud network. When a user visits your site, the server closest to the user processes the request. This helps in reducing lag and boosting the speed and performance of the website. Many cloud providers also use caching software and content delivery networks or CDNs to further boost the performance and speed of the site.

Summing Up

As you can see, cloud web hosting offers features that are best suited to the current times. If you are using any other hosting service and are dissatisfied with the performance of your server/site, then you might want to consider switching to cloud hosting. Having said this, it is also important to assess the hosting needs of your site before making the move. Lastly, remember that every hosting provider offers a different experience with cloud hosting services. Therefore, ensure that you research well and compare features before buying. Good Luck!