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Cleaning Your Black Berkey Filter


The Berkey Filter is currently the best water filter system available right now. It has been designed to completely remove harmful contaminants from your drinking water while keeping the health benefits intact. It is an efficient and fully functional water filter system that does not serve as a water purifier but also exceeds the standard and specification set. This water filter system has been designed with a number of components and one of its main components is the Black Berkey Filter. While most people already have this functional system at their homes, they have found it challenging to clean this essential component. To help these people, this piece will offer you tips on how best you can clean the Black Berkey Filter from www.usaberkey.com

It is best that you remember that you do not have to clean the Black Berkey Elements each time you clean your Berkey Water System. However, this may change depending on a number of factors. Your water source and that area you reside will determine how often you clean the Black Berkey Elements. To explain this concept better, we’ll use an example. In certain locations (especially in developing countries where water supply is a huge problem), the water source happens to be dirtier than what is obtainable elsewhere. This would mean that for you and your loved ones to be safe, you need to regularly clean the Black Berkey Elements even more often than the set itself. So, you have to discern how often you should clean this unit of the set depending on your location and the source of water. In situations where your drinking water is really dirty or muddy, it is best you pre-filter it before making use of the set. To pre-filter, you could make use of a cloth or table cover that is clean. After pre-filtering, you can then filter with your Berkey system for clean drinking water.

Bear in mind that the option mentioned above is so that debris does not clog the Black Berkey Elements making it difficult to filter your water. Pre-filtering takes away the debris, ensuring that the unit does not have to be cleaned daily.

When Is The Best Time To Clean Your Black Berkey Filter

As mentioned above, no one can actually tell you when to have this unit of the Berkey system cleaned as there a couple of factors that may vary. However, there are certain signs you should be on the lookout for. You could decide to clean the Black Berkey Filter when;

  • You experienced or notice a slow down in your water flow rate. You need to be very observant when making use of this system. This does not necessarily mean that a reduced flow rate means you need to have it cleaned, you could check for other issues. However, if it persists, then cleaning should be done.
  • Depending on your location and source of water, you may decide to clean this unit of the Berkey system on a consistent basis. To explain better, you could decide to clean this unit once every three months. One of the many benefits of cleaning on a consistent basis is that it prevents a slow flow rate. Bear in mind that this is just a suggestion, you could decide to clean however you deem fit.

How To Clean The Black Berkey Filter

To clean the Black Berkey Filter unit of your water filter system, you’ll have to follow these rules;

  1. The first thing to do is to empty and disassemble the Black Berkey Filter Element from your system.
  2. With the help of a stiff toothbrush or even a scotch Brite pad, you have to gently scrub the external part of the Black Berkey Elements under running water. The water should not be too cold.
  3. The next thing to do is to re-prime the filters. Most people find it difficult to do this, if you are one of those, this video will help you out.
  4. After re-priming the filters, you need to reassemble the Black Berkey Elements into the Berkey system.
  5. After successfully reassembling this unit back into the system, carrying out a red dye test would be a good idea to ensure that it is functional. Don’t know how to do the red dye test? I’ve compiled the instructions for you here. Do well to follow it.