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Nano jewelry with psalm 23 pendant: What to Have It?


The Bible contains infinity of songs, among which the best known could be that of Psalm 23. It is not by having to start in some way that the psalmist begins this song by saying “Lord”. He does not do it like when in a hurry to give thanks for the food, many times he says “sir … whatever”. No, we must not understand that it is not because of the metric, the contemporaneity of the word or the density of the keywords.

Men are rushing to rack up awards and accolades as we saw in the Nashville article. The figure of the shepherd to which this Psalm 23 refers when saying “he is my shepherd”, today more refined sweetened, was not at that remote time the most diplomatic of the figures to which the psalmist could have alluded. The shepherd was not a person from the palace, he did not maintain relationships with politicians, he did not make important commercial deals and he was not in short a person with more responsibilities than those of the care of his sheep. The poor condition of many of them had led some to commit crimes, thanks to which the entire guild could enjoy a singular bad name.

Religious necklaces for men are included in the pendant necklaces section, but since they are special, we are going to separate them from the rest. In the Jewish religion, necklaces with the symbol of the Evil Eye, the Star of David or the Jamsa are worn as pendants. For Muslims, the most popular pendants are those representing the Koran or the name of Allah. In the case of Christians, there are cross necklaces for men, medals of saints and rosaries. While rosaries were originally used to count prayers, both believers and non-believers also wear them as necklaces. Now you can have the Nano Jewelry’s pendant includes all the words of psalm 23 easily available.

Types Of Cross Necklaces

Latin cross: this is the most common and well-known type of pendant. It represents the cross of the crucifixion.

Greek Cross: Another popular type of pendant in which the arms on all sides are equal.

Cross with crucified Christ: it differs from the Latin cross because it represents the crucifixion of Jesus with his body nailed to the cross.

Cross of the Crusades: It is also known as the Jerusalem cross and consists of a large cross with small crosses located at each angle.

Byzantine Cross: Also known as the Orthodox cross or Russian cross. It arose in the sixth Byzantine empire and is characterized by its three horizontal crossbars.

Celtic Cross: This Irish cross looks like the Latin cross, but with a circle around the center, and represents eternal life.

Cross of Santo Tomás: also known like Persian cross. It dates back to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world – the Saint Thomas Christians of India.

Gothic cross: this cross is linked to Gothic culture.

Egyptian cross: originally it was the symbol of the life of the ancient Egyptians and was later adopted by the Christians of Egypt and the Middle East (the Copts).

Side Cross: A recumbent Latin cross that represents that the Work of Christ has ended with his death and resurrection.