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A Smart Way to Ship Cars Safely After Buying from Auction


If you are eyeing a car on a budget, then the best option to buy is from a car auction. In the auction, you will surely get a very wide range of choices for different types of cars. You will end up saving almost thousands of dollars and also get a car of your choice.

You must look around for an honest and professional auto transport company like Ship a Car, Inc. to get help to know how to ship a car purchased at online auction. SAC has already served more than 35,000 customers since the year 2012, earning an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The following are a few important things that you must know for shipping your car after you have purchased it from the auction.

  • Pay the full price of the vehicle

You must ensure that all your payments are made to the auction and also approved by them before you plan to transport your vehicle. These payments may include your membership fees, storage fees, or any other past dues owed by you.

  • Provide complete details about the pickup location

You need to provide information regarding your pickup location and also the exact date when your vehicle will be available for pickup. It will be better if you get in touch with your shipping agent so that it becomes easier for him to prepare your car for transport.

You must be ready with your buyer number, lot number, VIN, or any other information that may be needed by the auction to pick up your vehicle.  This can help the auction to identify and release your vehicle quickly.

  • Calculate storage fees

Usually, salvage car auctions offer a minimum of two days to store your car free of charge after buying your car. In case you do not pick up your car within two days, then the auction will start charging you a storage fee at the rate of $20 per day.

Hence, find out your last free day to store your car and also inform your shipping agent too.

  • Understand that car will be lifted by a forklift

Since generally in the auction, all the vehicles purchased are salvaged cars hence as per their policy, a forklift will only be used for moving and loading the car. Even if your car is an expensive car and fully in drivable condition, then too only forklift is used. So, you may anticipate certain damage to occur and the auction authority will not take any responsibility for that.

  • Keep proper track of keys of the car

Usually, at the salvage car yards, car keys can be stolen or lost. While buying the car, you must ensure that your car key is available. Also, you must note the number of keys available. If your key is missing, then auction may refuse to take any responsibility too.

Last but not the least, you must also check with the car auction for finding out if there are any other requirement for picking up your vehicle. This will help in speeding up the process of shipping and will save your storage fee if any.