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The Myths To Be Discarded Regarding Industrial 4.0


The fourth industrial revolution is almost upon the human race and this denotes that there would be some major industrial machinery changes coming. And, for any business, it is important that the manufacturers be up to date on the various technologies and incorporates them as and when necessary. And, with the industrial revolution would come happier customers, increased efficiency, and greater revenue. But there are some myths related to industry 4.0 that is making some people fearful of these coming changes. And, here are some that should be demystified as soon as possible. 

It Would Cause Increase in Unemployment Rate 

Industry 4.0 would bring in artificial intelligence and technologies which would allow the industries to “lights out manufacturing”. And, people fear this would cause an increase in unemployment but as a matter of fact, there would be jobs available rather than being eliminated. More people would be joining the analytic as well as the technology vein. 

This would help you in attracting potential candidates and also help in developing the skills of the current employees. Therefore, technology progression is on the positive side.

IIoT Is Not Secure

There are some issues related to security by IIoT but the issues are not caused due to cloud. It could often be caused because the staffs are not well trained in handling the issues to ensure that the data is safe. Cloud-based solutions are something enterprises are trusting now and outsourcing such services too. Knowing you can trust cloud-based security to improvise the security of your business is vital. 

IIoT Cost Too Much

Industrial machinery IIoT can help you not just save money but help you make money too. The data generated is now captured by relatively inexpensive IoT devices. But with the advent of new technology, you will get access to real-time data in a hassle-free way from your shop floor. It would have a positive financial impact on your enterprise. 

While these myths are increasing concerns among many about factory digitization, it would change the way of how work, manufacturing, and everything was approached. With the right plan and strategy, one would be able to enhance their way towards financial growth and secure data aggregation, visibility, even create jobs rather than taking it away. Getting past these myths would truly help in taking advantage of the benefits and solutions that industry 4.0 would provide. Each company would have its unique path towards growing and gaining a competitive advantage.