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Tips To Improve The Service Life Of CNC Router Machines


CNC router machines are electromechanical devices that can engineer machine shop tools using computer programming inputs. Computer Numerical Control, in short, CNC, and it represents one of the standard methods (3D  printing technology like SLA, FDM) to generate prototypes from a digital software file.  With the help of a computer cutting machine, it cuts various materials including wood, glass, plastic, metals, and composites to produce carvings, signs, decorations, furniture, moldings, and other DIY products. Because the CNC router machine in operation directly correlates to the efficiency and quality of the work.

Types of CNC router machines

CNC  router machines fall into two general categories: conventional machining technology and novel machining technology. Under traditional technology of machining, three types of machines: Drills, Lathes, and milling machines whereas in the case of novel machining technology: Electrical or Chemical  Machining (Electron Beam machining, Photochemical machining, and Ultrasonic machining) and other cutting mediums ( examples include laser cutting machines, oxy-fuel cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, and water- jet cutting technology).

Materials include aluminum, brass, copper, steel, titanium, wood, foam, fiberglass, and plastics such as polypropylene can be cut using a CNC router machine.

Here are few tips to  improve the service life of CNC router machines

  1. Cleaning the router machine

Do clean the industrial control box regularly as dust is the biggest killer of the circuit board. After the completion of each work, clean the countertop in time.

  1. Oil the machine

Even if the router machine is not available to use it for a long time, the machine’s regular oiling is a must.  The primary purpose of oiling the machine guarantees the flexibility of the machine drive system.  After the oil, it is necessary to use the machine to ensure its uniform distribution slowly.

  1. Checking the working environment temperature

If the machine is not running and the temperature is low, pour out the water in the water tank to prevent the water pipe’s freezing. Checking the machine’s applicable temperature ensures that the operating room’s ambient temperature reaches the minimum appropriate temperature.

  1. Use of machine cooling water

In case if the cooling water is too dirty, it will cause severe damage to the motor. Keep the cooling water clean and pay attention to the water level.  Even if the water –cool spindle motor dehydrates, the motor heat does not usually export. This might affect the spindle’s life and hence machine’s longevity.  Conditional antifreeze helps in cooling water.

  1. Maintenance of Computer

Regular cleaning of disk debris and cleaning the chassis dust are mandatory for better performance.  The most important part is not to open the anti-virus program when the machine is working because the anti-virus program may interfere with the machine’s regular operation. Optimizing the computer system and keeping a regular check of virus detection are very important and should not be avoided.

As per the tips mentioned above, the CNC router machine will run for a longer time and help you achieve perfection within a stipulated time frame.