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5 Tricks To Make Installing Peel & Stick Wallpaper A Little Easier


With proper management of tools and equipment, it’s become easy to hang temporary wallpapers. Peel and stick Wallpaper give DIY friendly, an affordable alternative technique of covering wall than a traditional wall covering. The self-adhesive back of your peel and stick wallpaper doesn’t need any type of messy paste. At the time of applying it, if you make any mistake, you just need to pull it and start from the beginning. It’s not as simple as you think to hang peel and stick wallpaper. You need to make pre-preparation of effectively applying it and for a long-lasting result. There are a few tips and tricks which makes your work simple they are as follows-

Make arrangements of supplies needed- before starting peeling and sticking wallpaper you need to make proper arrangement of supplies which is needed at the time of hanging your wallpaper. The supplies may include a utility knife, cloth or sponge, mild cleaner, straightedge, wide striped peel and stick Wallpaperpencil, Pencil, smoothing tools, and many more things.

Clean the wall you need to cover- for safety purposes, you need to switch off the power connection and also remove all light switches and covers. Then clean the surface of the wall where you want to paste the wallpaper with the help of a sponge and clothes and set it free for at least 24 hours so that it can perfectly dry.

Measurement of the wall- before applying peel and stick wallpaper measure the area where you want to stick your wallpaper. Without measuring the surface it may create a problem at the time of sticking it. So before starting sticking once measure the wallpaper with the help of measuring tapes and mark with a pencil and then start to stick your wallpaper.

Repeat the pattern carefully- at the time of sticking the wallpaper, check the pattern of your peel and stick wallpaper. When the first is completed, for sticking the second one you need to do it very carefully. Observe the pattern and follow the same sequence without any mistake. It will give your wallpaper a perfect look.

Check bubbles- if any bubble is left in the wallpaper after sticking it, make a small hole with a utility knife or pin.